Own trucks and container chassis

• Carriage of 20`/40`/ 45` container
• 45´license
• FCL and LCL carriage
• Carriage of bulk cargo
• Transport of dangerous goods (exclusive cl.1+7)

Various forklifts and special equipment for the handling of:

• Paper rolls
• Textile bales
• Steel pipes
• Crates
Vehicles and machines up to 45t


The ECL Kontor GmbH is an international logistics company with roots in customs clearance and transport organisation. ECL is family owned and independent and stays for more than a decade for quality, reliability and flexibility. Our 2016 constructed logistics complex extends on over 21.000m² site area. Combined with our own fleet of trucks we can move whole container, general cargo also as bulk cargo, handle, store and carry it inlcuding the SOLAS weighing.

Our constantly trained and qualified staff develop custom made solutions, which fulfill all requirments and needs of our customers. Transport, customs clearance and warhouse logistics out of one source. Locations in the most important North Sea ports of Europe and years of close cooperation with our worldwide partner network makes ECL Kontor GmbH to your logistics allrounder headquartered in the port of Hamburg.

We have established ourself on the market, we develop with it and growth further.



  • 2017 - Expanding the fleet

    Reachstacker equipped with certificated weighing system which enables SOLAS weighing.
  • 2016 - Constructing an own logistics complrex on over 21.000m² site are

    • Purchasing a Reachstacker
    • Container handling, turn over and storage of bulk cargo is also offered
  • 2014 - Widen the warehouse area up to 6.500m², bonded warehouse type C

    • Expanding the fleet of trucks
    • Developed service around the warehose logsitics
  • 2013 - Establishing a new location in Wilhamshven DE

    • Warehouse area is widen up to 1.500m² and 1.000m² open space
    • Reefer container handling and storage with active cooling

  • 2011 - For the first time ECL offers the service of warhouse logistics

    • 500m² warehouse space, bonded warehouse type C
    • Expanding the Fleet of trucks
  • 2009- Estabishing a subsidarie in Rottedam, NL

  • 2008 - Establishing of an location in Bremerhaven

    Widen the service:
    • Carriage in the port of Hamburg with own trucks and container chassis
    • Procedure of customs inspection
  • 2007 - Estabishing a subsidarie in Gdynia, PL

  • 2005 - Grounding the ECL Kontor GmbH headquarter

  • 2004 - Foundation of the ECL Kontor

    Service portfolio:
    • Customs clearance and transport organisation


Fleet of trucks equipped with GPS

• Complete report
• Surveillance of your consignment

Logistics area is monitored and alarm secured 24/7

• Data are recorded
• Cameras equipped with night vision
• Alarm system connected with police and fire brigade

Vds B certificated logistics area

• Electrical path controls
• S
pecial securing  of all entrys

Logistics complex equipped with sprinkler system
Complete documentation by interface checks